Knightley & Son trailer released

I'd never thought about doing a book trailer until I read about the video capability of the iPhone 6s, and realised I could shoot it on that. The idea was to capture the beauty and menace of London, and present the character of Darkus without actually showing him. After two days of filming on my phone around the capital, including an early start to catch sunrise over the Thames (special thanks to the Metropolitan Police who fortuitously showed up at the perfect moment), a visit to a tweed outfitter, and recently finding myself in a crowded New York intersection, I got the footage I needed. It then took many hours with Final Cut Pro and Logic to hone it into something that was true to the books. (I have edited before but the last time was on a Steenbeck machine, using actual celluloid.) I was also fortunate to have a family member Dally Armstrong do the narration and capture Darkus's voice. Watch in HD. I hope you enjoy it.